Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goofing Off

I decided to take a break form the winder today and play with another item that has been on my plate and let me say I 'm sooo happy I have a lathe.  I was having problems mounting up a cartridge and needed to make a counterweight for my tonearm.

 As you can see this is not a replacement but an additional weight that was needed to mount up a rather unique cartridge that I finished up today and lets just say it has a bit more mass than the average cart. 


Granted it ain't pretty but it is playing music as I type and another concept has been "proven" Even though it is mounted on an arm chosen for a lightweight strain gauge cartridge the concept shows a lot of promise.  Special props go to barrett and the others that have given me the donor carts to play with.

Sorry for the blurry picture, the exposure was 5 seconds and the record had a bit of warp.

If anyone has a dead denon 103 cart, please consider sending it to me to further this project.



  1. I have one with a bent cantilever - can you use it?

  2. Also - I'm thinking L. D-Mo needs a solid brass flowerpot hat for his birthday, and I know just the guy to turn one out for him!


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