Thursday, September 2, 2010

Metal on the Scene...


OK. I can't stand it. I have to share the chassis drawings that we have been working on. I am super, duper excited. I have not abandoned wood, as the components will be mounted on maple slabs placed inside. The steel will also help shield, but will not be close enough to components to interfere with magnetics. And then there is style. I am loving where we are headed. I hope you guys (and girls) agree.



  1. *Fantastic*!

    At first I thought I might prefer the hinge on the inside, but I'm not sure now... especially if that would be be visible through the window at the front.

    Either way, fab aesthetic; it's distinctive, and super cool to boot. Marries nicely with the Experience Music ethos.

    On to a winner, I reckon...

    Just thought: have you considered a signature colour? You know how Shindo has that nice green, how about a midnight blue or tasteful kind of burgundy (if that's possible)?

    Of course, if the signature colour is a nice antique grey/black, that's cool too...

    Look forward to seeing the actual kit.

  2. This is so steampunk. Even though this is an original design it reminds me of the great early theater equipment. Awesome design work.

  3. Yeah exactly - it has some DNA in common with the old WE stuff and the like, but is ultimately its own thing.

    Just like the speakers, the amps, the drivers, iron etc... I think you should run an art appreciation course so customers understand just how much the aesthetics mirror the technical aspects...

    Anyway, better sign off before I sound like a pretentious art critic


  4. How about making the left side panel a mesh or heavy perf for additional viewing/ventilation? It would be kind of a shame not to have the plate connections exposed to teach important life skills lessons. ;-)

  5. Further casework ideas:

    ...and somewhere to get retro meters:

    Regards, Hermit.


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