Thursday, September 23, 2010


As you might have noticed, I have never properly chosen a logo. I have always just side stepped the issue by using a classic script and saying that was close enough. Well, it is time, folks. I want to have some proper badges made. You know - brass, bronze, etc.. something riveted on...

But I am afraid. It is too personal. I feel like I am getting a tattoo - something that will be with me for life! I have looked at *way* too many the last few weeks and I honestly think I am just going to put it up to a vote (with presidential veto). Pick two.. or three... or come up with your own, I certainly don't mind... twist some of the ideas below into something better than what they are.. I am open.. and whoever comes up with the the winner will get something out of the stash.. tubes or iron or maybe just some vinyl (that is best anyway, right?)

Send it to me privately... but if you think it merits discussion, do for it...

experiencemusic a t hotmail d o t com

Thanks for the help!



  1. I pick "F".

    I like it because it has good contrast, it is simple around its perimeter with the focus directed toward the inside, looks like some electrical symbol no one has ever seen before, fits both modern and classic equipment styles, uses negative space in an interesting way and could actually be cut into a filigree, if the need ever strikes your mood.

    My only criticism is the relationship of the voids on the outside circle to the elements of the letter "M" because the eye doesn't flow though them as well as it could. They need tweaking a little, and you are done.


  2. I'm torn between E and F. Both are very simple and very elegant. I get the same feeling from those as I get from my favorite logo of all, Don Garber's fi logo.

    I guess if I had to pick just one, it'd be F.


  3. I like "B" because it's old school. Somehow Western Electric globes don't fit with contemporary graphics...

  4. Win's commentary was absolutely spot-on - bit of a tweak, and F's the winner. Maybe extend the horizontal bar on the "E" a bit, and reduce its arc?

    Second fave is B but it's a bit electronluvvy - not that that in itself is bad, just may need to tweak the distinctiveness.


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  6. another vote for F.
    same reasons as others stated;
    and it just looks more "real,"

    (not that i would know anything about tattoos that "seemed like a good idea at the time,"
    but have "grown out of."

  7. I wouldn't call E and F "contemporary." To my eye, they have a decidedly art deco look and feel to them, which puts them smack in Western Electric's heyday.


  8. Steve,

    I agree. By the way, the reason I don't like "E" so much is because it is too busy near the left edge.

    The neat thing about "F" is its adaptability, in my opinion. Put it with a contemporary looking piece, and it will still fit. I believe that is a sign of good design. Another indicator of good design would be demonstrated if it looks as well in any color. I suspect it will.


  9. Yes, that's why I ultimately cast my vote for F. Though I don't think the curly cue of the original E was all THAT bad and I think both look quite nice.


  10. i agree w/ deb; e looks like a fish eating the "M."
    maybe "the fish that ate memphis?"


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