Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bunny Post. (audio guys move along... nothing to see here)

A few of you softies just love the bunny and this post might change all of that for you.  The origins of the shipping animals and children trace back to the bunny.  To this day I maintain he is evil and proof of that evil is elusive.  He loves eating packing peanuts and many a morn' I have awoken to him munching away in a box of packing peanuts only to scamper away before I could get the camera in hand.  On at least three occasions he has jumped on my scale and quickly evaded before I could grab the picture.  Tonight miraculously the picture was mine and I think he was sending me a message.

Trust me this picture wasn't staged (like the other animals) and it wasn't until I looked through them that I truly became scared by the evil that resides in the bunny.  I was able to get a number of pics and this one when he acknowledged my presence like the dramatic chipmunk is the most chilling of them all.  When I take random snaps of my kids with flash they always have the devil eyes, yet somehow this rodent of hell appears with soulless black eyes and the weight of the devil.

Upon making me he quickly exited stage left dropping 3 nicely placed brown M&M's on my scale leaving me with this image of how much his ass weighed.

We all know about a boy named sue and that happy ending but it might just be possible that a boy named Lemon Lu-Lu may not end up that way.

(end note... I was about to hit publish and looked and he is on the scale again reading the original 6.72... now I'm terrified)


  1. You are freaking me out me man. What you have there is a Devil Bunny. Has he required any sacrifices?

    Reminds me of this song Devil Bunny by TKK.

  2. That's stage right, bro.



  3. My grandmother had a great recipe for rabbit, I bet even evil bunnies taste good!


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