Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Capital Audiofest, Best room at the show.

I guess this is going to be a non-traditional show report and the best way to start it out is with a non-traditional room.  I skipped Axpona in my own backyard to mow my lawn, yet drove 300 miles to this show for one reason and that was to see old friends and make some new ones.

The first room I hit was the local DC audio guys and upon entering the room I saw my old friend Roscoe from joenet and the NYnoize shows, beyond that I met a few monikers I knew but no faces.  After enjoying a quick chat I moved on with a beverage in tow.

The best part of this room was the diversity and the non-commercial nature.  It was just a bunch of friends hanging out having a good time.  

On Saturday they were playing a pair of Basszillas and the next day new speakers appeared, not because the sound was bad but because it was a group of kids who could share their toys in the same sandbox.  Compare this to the tension and stress in rooms shared by manufacturers and they get an A+.

Every time I went into the room there was something different playing from both the music and equipment perspective.  The beauty of it all was for my tastes, the sound bettered the bulk of other rooms at the show. 

I regret not getting to hear any tapes, but just the presence of a deck screams passion from at least one member of the group.

Now to get back to my friend Roscoe and a story of poetic justice.

About 10 years ago Roscoe bought a pair of flying lead autoformers from me and on Saturday he admitted he had yet to wire them up.  I had given a pair of modules to Gary to give away in the raffle and the winner said he wasn't a DIY kind of guy and returned it to the pool. (cool move)  On Sunday everything needed ot go and Gary stated you needed to be present to win.  When the autoformers hit his hand, Gary asked all the DIY'ers to raise their hand to get a pool of possible recipients and only Roscoe replied.... perfect!

I am still saddened by the lack of creativity showing up at these kind of events but my hope that future promoters catering to a wider audience was encouraged by this show. 

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  1. Nice post - a good and FUN effort by the DC DIYers!



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