Friday, July 22, 2011

Western Electric 9A Receiver


no.. not really like the NAD, Pioneer, or even Marantz receivers from back in the day... this one is WAY older...

super thanks to my friends from the "other South" for this fine specimen to scan and model... it really helps in getting it *just* right...

so what material do you think we should use? Bronze? Bronze sounds good, right? and this piece has to be strong - so Aluminum will just not do... and steel is out because it really should be non-magnetic when this close to the driver.. so, yeah.. let's cast this beautiful object in Bronze..

which gives away what I was doing in Hope, Arkansas at the Klipsch Museum.. taking some detailed measurements... PWK had one of these, too...



  1. Is that what y'all were doing and I thought it was the start of some new horn cult with strange initiation rites.

    Where do I get the koolaid?

  2. my, my, reverend, what are you preparing to spring on us ? ...just don't put 'em in a church, that lowdown early cuyler'll heist 'em..

  3. 24k GOLD, Bitchez!!

  4. Hey J-ROB. I'll bet that if you furnish the gold, at lest some of it will make its way into the final piece! ;)

  5. Yeah...and Jackson will be sportin' some blinged out front teeth to match the 9A Receiver Attachments.

  6. J-ROB...You are scaring me. Our friends are weird enough already!


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