Friday, July 8, 2011

Day one 1:45am... Keychains, Platters and Idlers

The title says it all.  It i now 1:45, about the time I wanted to make the first post but alas It is 1:45pm and win is still sleeping.  I guess that is what happen when the sun tells you it is time to sleep.

301 reasons to come down.
A nice keychain.

 Idle Hands


  1. Nice platter and idlers. Someone on the west coast (Mirko?) is selling stainless steel replacement platters and bearings, but i hadn't seen idlers this nice before. Are there more where those came from? Dang, I gotta get my 301 restoration project up and running already....

  2. Hi there
    Are those idlers based on a design from a guy in Australia or the Uk ? Also - what changes did they and the platter bring?


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