Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just when I had cleared some space in the shop....

these crates arrived... but I am honestly very excited. It is extremely difficult to find a professional cabinet maker these days. This guy worked form my CAD drawings.. sent revisions... stain samples... can use whatever wood I specify.. timely.. just totally professional...

these were made to be "espresso".. always yummy in my book... and the wood is super high quality birch... very low voids... pre-veneered so that the veneer never peels away..

the corners are all mitered at 45's on a CNC so that it all fits together perfectly and the grain wraps around the cabinet.. a super nice touch...

bracing is set in with dado joints... very stiff and strong... all in all, I am very pleased...

oh, what goes in it? yes, I guess I should mention that.. basically just a generic woofer cabinet... designed around the Altec 604 and the Altec 416... these guys make great bass in all but the largest rooms... and some people just do not want nine foot straight basshorns... finally a nice option...

finished photos and plots soon...



  1. "some people just do not want nine foot straight basshorns... finally a nice option.."

    Bloody hell! What is the world coming to? That statement just makes me sad.

    The cabinets do look great.

  2. Beautiful cabinets!

    That's the look I've been thinking about for my 604's.

  3. You are from US I guess, would be nice if you could leave contact for guy who made you those cabinets.

  4. greetings: very cool! any follow up on these yet? how do they sound? do you have the dimensions etc to share? thanks -andre

  5. what's the dimensions of the cabinets


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