Friday, July 8, 2011

One Fine 7C

What is that Mike has.
What is inside

Not your average 7C

No time like the present
Noise graded no less...
some of the story


  1. they are ok with you showing their addresses?

  2. Got me all excited for nothing...I thought you were going to reveal that this Marantz belonged to LARRY Fine...

  3. Hi,

    Sorry can't find any contact email from your site.
    Can i add a link from your site?

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  4. Not everyone knows that Wilma Fine was the owner of Mercury Records, but a lot of guys realize that Sid Smith designed the Marantz 7C and all the other Marantz stuff back in the day. I suppose some people think Saul Marantz did, but in reality the arrangement was similar to the Levinson/Curl one. Too bad the guy who has his name on a piece often gets the credit while the genius is in the backroom working, but such is life.

    I felt privileged to have the rare opportunity of examining the construction and innovation in this particular sample with friends when it was opened for the first time since it left the factory so many years ago. The build level not only eclipsed that of the production 7C I once owned, but the OCD-like phanaticism of the construction blew me away with its perfectly lined up resistors with every color band oriented in the same direction. Then, there was the unusual balance control with two combined audio taper pots where there are typically linear ones with the rub in this case being that one of the tapers was in reverse, so as to match the opposite channel. That alone was sheer genius, but we are talking about Sid Smith, aren't we? Then again, he did set the standard for preamps that is still followed today. Many have mimicked him, but most haven't seen any of the preamps he did later in his life. I feel lucky.


  5. Hi:
    Thanks for posting this. Never seen a Sid Smith modified Marantz 7c. After all the work he did, I wonder why he didn't design a new preamp from scratch instead of using the Model 7 as a base for his modifications.
    This unit is quite special since it belonged to the legendary producer Wilma Cozart Fine. Given the historical significance of this unit, it would have been better to spare it from modifications.
    But, looking at the chassis, the mods could be reversed although it may require a lot of work. I'd probably reverse the mods if it were mine. I truly admire the work of Bob and Wilma Fine.

  6. Does anybody know what has happened to this preamp?

    Does the Fine family still own it?

  7. The modifications were requested by wilma and the end results are in safe hands.


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