Monday, July 18, 2011

Quad ESL 57 Eye Candy

While in DC for the CAF, I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Piquet and Kent McCollom two of the guys who rebuild Quads here in the states.  On the last day we were able to hear Wayne's new panels in solid maple frames made by one of the "andy's" and I have to say they were a huge leap forward in both sonics and efficinecy over the stock panels they replaced.

We started setup with a pair of forward facing single panels and then put the doubles in front to confirm phase.

Then we returned to the original setup of the three panels with a single facing forward and the doubles facing the outer wall.


  1. They are simply beautiful. The best looking stacked pair so far. Look at mine non-stacked 57's at

  2. Dave,
    Not finished yet, front spkrs raised to 16" on new stands improves detail & depth, sounding v good.
    Will send you pix when finished.


  3. Hi DJC, can you send me more pictures please? on I'm the one from first comment. I would like to make stacked pair as well and this is great inspiration if you don't mind.

  4. Really impressive work and beautyfull. Would love to have some more pictures with close ups and also pictures of the new stands if possible?


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