Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cats and bags.

It is really odd how some things happen.  I was debating if I should give the update of what is new and I even went as far as trying to take a picture.   Since Marvin tried to put his better half into the picture I just felt the natural progression is to go with it.  (pay no attention to the duct tape just out of frame)
Aside from that gray furry tail hot glued in place, this is another Field coil project that JJ and I are working on. 

JJ's mention of the switch to the aa strain gauge has me inspired to let another cat out of the bag.  I will be ordering up parts for a simple pentode riaa that we have been dreaming about and it is time I revisit the traditional riaa camp to keep myself grounded. 

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  1. Mmmmmm. Field coils... You know, I'm almost finished with the new bass panels for the Azuras (dual 15 inch OB Augies in walnut and plywood shapeliness) -- AAaaaack, maybe I need to consider upgrading the 206ES-R drivers next?

    Would love to hear a comparison between these and the Supravox EXC-215 and pair of nice Alnico Lowthers!



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