Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Night and Day....

I just read that ridiculous Audio Asylum thread... about big horn systems and wives. I am afraid there was just way too much testosterone and ego in there for me, but I guess I am lucky. Lisa puts up with a whole bunch of stuff from me. Only a few times has she even had a hint of that worrisome look in her eye... when I moved the horns back home from the shop, she had the look... but less than half way through the first band of Ella and Louis, she was literally crying... so that bought me some leverage.. :^)

so.. thanks to the wife... on a good day it looks like this:

but on a bad day she puts up with me having this:


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  1. Those new Horns are amazing. I would love to come by for a listening session sometime. Its been entirely too long. I hope all is well with the family


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