Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Horn Dreaming....

So I have this new listening room... the bad news is that it is too small.. and has too many doors.. BUT.. but it sounds very good, so I am happy...

now, you guys know me... I am wondering what is the max horn I can get into the room... and it is not enough... so time to think outside the box... literally... what I want is this:

I love that picture. I am not even sure who sent it to me... but when I start my church, this will be my steeple... and Blair already calls me the Reverend, so I figure that will be coming along any day...

Man, I wandered off topic again. Back to task! so, leaving that box.... I finally noticed that I have a nice five foot by five foot picture window in between the speakers. The window leads to the back yard... so the evil scheming has begun...

the only drawback I can see is time alignment... it is always the issue... but maybe worth a try? My wife loves me, but I might ought to run it by her...


  1. Ask yourself this question:
    Does Kevin worry about time-alignment?

  2. I am enjoying your new blog. I would definitely run your horn speaker idea by the wife before installation. Lisa is cool and all, but women all have limits. Cool idea for sure!

  3. Don't you have an HVAC out there in the way? You'll definitely be walking around them on path to the patio...

    On the other hand, if you made the sides out of thick acrylic (the reeftank guys use up to .750 in mtl for the big tanks) so they can still pass light!

    If I were you, I'd start campaigning for the dining room window instead.



  4. man, PRC.. nice memory!.. but the HVAC s about 20 feet down.. by the garage... and the path to the back porch and back door is a little in the way... a "J" horn would be an easy answer... and I have thought about the acrylic.. I think it is a good idea... but if I block the window, I may as well make it a cave... that is what I tend to like anyway... I close my eyes when I listen... even thoriated filaments are bright to me..

    and Dowdy.. uhm... well... I have been to Utah.. remember? and I think the proper question you should ask yourself is "Should Kevin worry about time alignment?"

    evil grin...



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