Thursday, February 4, 2010

Phase Plug Tweeter...

Will someone please take me up on this one??? I have paraded the idea around for years. To me, it seems obvious. We love these giant Le Cleac'h front horns with Lowthers, but always have the issue of where to put the tweeter.

Luckily, we have been unanimous in the preference of the large wooden "lightbulb" phase plug. I think that comparison was both first done, and put to rest at VSAC 2003. This phase plug is *huge*... and there is room to sneak a tweeter inside..

granted, the tweeter needs to be at least 105dB.. and 108 is better, so maybe that was the catch... but I now have an answer... there is a new B&C... a ring radiator.. and that just beautiful sounding mylar diaphragm... clean, clear.. and with the inside slug of neodymium, it is both small enough and efficient enough for the application...

I suppose with the new batch of Le Cleac'h Lowther front horns coming, I will finally get to try this one... woo hoo!



  1. Gotta find a sanitary way to route the wires out of the horn, though...

    a) wires cascading out the mouth of the big horn?
    b) wires running through a small, sealed port in the side of the throat?
    c) wires running back through a pressure hole at the center of the main driver (if it has such, as some Fostex drivers)?
    d) wireless transmission to miniature nuclear-powered amp embedded into the plug?
    e) Inductor loop around outer horn?
    f) Einstein-Rosen space-time bridge to remote amp?



  2. JJ, why not be a real man, drill a hole right through the motor and shove in a quartz tube/plasma tweeter? Sure it might burn the whizzer off and accelerate the foam rot, but I'm not one of those who would suggest these were good for Lowthers...

  3. hey boys.. (I bet we have no ladies here!)...

    PRC, start with A.. if it works, solution is B.. C won't fly on a lowther as the magnetic "bottleneck" is the pole piece... drilling it out would be disaster.. D, E, and F are why we have guys like you and CV here... keep them coming...

    .. and CV... you know I am a compression driver *man*... so I would see a surroundless, wizzerless Lowther as an opportunity to retrofit an eight inch Be diaphragm.... and plasma... that blog post will be coming shortly...


  4. hey boys.. (I bet we have no ladies here!)...

    what ya want to wager?
    i'll take that bet!
    (as i watch the lady sitting next to me reading this, who's been reading it for days, and has never read any forums, that just hasn't figured out how to comment!)

  5. I still think of ladies as women my mother's age or older, so by that definition I will (conveniently) never qualify. But will this design be slightly-not-time-aligned Jeffrey? Do you correct (not digital) or is it some other way inaudible?

  6. I personally find alignment a marketing trend and if the boobies bounce to the music, I'm happy.

  7. how about a Fostex tweeter instead, like the T-925A? would that fit?


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