Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Through rain sleet and snow.

Two weary travelers on a mission swung by my place for a few hours today.  Their Journey started from a knight named Walter in Boston and the only requirement was to be at the land of Pennsylvania for a 6AM flight.  Under normal circumstances, this would be a simple task, but the Fury of February was scheduled to dump 82 feet of snow from DC to Maine so their task was set.

No amount of snow could keep them away,  they arrived beaten but not broken and quaffed some ale and listened to some music.  They brought booty from the land of Walter in the form of GE pyranol caps.  In speaking with the caps, they are proud to be near their homeland next to the Hudson River, but will accept the task of their 1000V rating (dude 4uf @ 3KV) and may relocate to the land of elvis near another great river and reside in the home of another mythical builder.

The man named chris gifted me some exotic #36 wire for my RS labs tonearm to be re-wired with and any excess wire after the deed is done may travel to the land of Schroeder.   I completed the deal with the other traveler who shall remain nameless for now for security reasons and returned his Panasonic cartridges and granted him some electronic gear to power said cartridges. 

Given the nature of air travel these days, I enclosed inside the box a signed paper justifying the movement of such a device in order to expedite things.

(OK my calliper says the N and T are 48mm apart.... sorry)

Back to Reality.

The snow was piling up with another 100 feet expected by dawn so the travelers had to go.  I strapped the trusty snow dogs to the sled and lead the hearty souls to the promise land of the interstate. I can only pray they make it.

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  1. Do I recognize that aluminium enclosure? I have at least a dozen more....


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