Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Am Wireman.....

Got the original field coils back from Johnny who decided to take them from high voltage to low voltage for safety reasons.  This means I needed to crack them open and remove the 22,500 turns of #30 wire from each.   While unwinding them a new beast came to life and in case any of you have ever wondered what 6.5 miles of wire looks like I introduce you to Wire-Man.
The two things on my hands are the pole pieces of the motor structure and only yesterday, all of this wire was neatly held in place.   I originally wanted to introduce you to Iron-dog but I quickly found that was a really really bad idea.

For reference jeffrey was kind enough to offer a similar treatment with the size of wire they will be rewound with for LV.  I'll let him tell the rest of that story at another time.


  1. Dave,

    I think this is a good look for you and some how I find myself strangely attracted to you.


  2. You know Dave, I always thought you should step in front of the camera more often as a stunt double. How many actors do you know who could do both Gregory House *and* Animal?


  3. What do you do with all that? Can you reuse it or does it have to get recycled?


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