Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What you find in the yard

I had a freakish goodwill experience the other day. I have been looking for a number of titles on ebay and constantly getting out-sniped.  When I went into my local thrift to look, from 30 feet away I saw this. 
Stupidly thinking I was in a movie, I sprinted to avoid all of the other fanatics and dove on it first.  It was clean enough and I was dreaming about what must be below.  Could I find all of the music of my young adulthood?  Sadly that wasn't the case and it cost me $8 for my prize and 6  other things that need to go into the "needed to be cleaned" pile which as the lyrics say  "push it along".


  1. That is too funny... I can see you running for it.. and people just staring...

    Along the same lines, tonight I listened to A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory ...with my fourteen-year-old... trying to teach him to respect his elders... :^)


  2. Still a great one. Nice Find!!

  3. Back in the day when I was a teenager. Before I had status and before I had an iPhone....

    where do JB and J_rob fit into this.

  4. Did it include a long, slow motion dive?


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