Saturday, February 6, 2010


Back in the day on the joenet, Bob D would make "What I did last weekend" posts and I realized it was sort of like an early blog.  I hope he doesn't mind me borrowing most of his letters for this post.  The majority of last week was spent on two words.  Baby Nickel  While I was dreaming of big nickel I found out that I have been placing a lot of the small stuff assorted boxes and shipping it off.
Earlier in the month another batch of autoformers went off to John at Bent Audio for the remote units.  The cool thing was half of them were wound with some really nice Ohno continuous cast copper wire for some OEM stuff he is doing for Audience.  Another Batch of units for Thomas Mayer also shipped.  He is using a diode matrix to handle the switching.  J_Rob is getting 3 more sets of LCR inductors for his guys in Korea.  Also of interest were some small output transformers for a Wolfson Dac and pair of small OT's for a PASS design that Mr. Lowther is working on.


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