Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Working metal....

I am floored. My blacksmith came through town yesterday. The passion was evident in every aspect of his work. We have just been talking via email about the stands for the big horns (Exhilaration III - in the works for years now, but finally close). I had no idea of his depth of work. I knew he held the same ideals about quality and craftsmanship that I did, but I am just stunned at his attention to detail.

Check out the lacquer on that half inch thick, twenty pound chunk of bronze... multiple coats... wiped back... worked the edges to show the bronze.. and the engraving is simply over the top.... Then he said they were working on the CNC, so he just experimented by making a few badges. Acid etching.. engraving... heavy... These are definitely where I am headed. We both spent hours and hours studying the 1920's radios I have around here. The attention and thought are in every joint, every fastener, every finish. Look for some new chassis from me soon, half rack width, inspired, as always, by the past. Likely the DHT strain gauge supply will be first.

and now to the horn stands.... I will upload some profiles and 3-d drawings soon, but for now examine some of the detail work on this horn support. I totally agree with his assessment that we don't want to hold up those mahogany midrange horns directly with metal. Something more organic is required. I have used rope in the past, but this leather strap is totally the way to go. It is extremely thick, cut to the horn angle, and sewn together in a nice, heavy, double layer construction. It reminds me of well-made saddles - strong, tough, and designed to task. It is then attached with brass rivets to a pivoting steel connector, patina''d, of course. The stand itself will be this triple steel construction. Each steel outer edge is brass riveted to the inner truss-work. Heavy, solid, simple. I can't wait!


  1. There is nothing like quality. Anything of quality can be appreciated, no matter what its source. I am so tired of disposable things, I am disposing of them. Like the "Heart of Triode" icon.

  2. These speakers are going to be a work of art.


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