Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tone Alone

In the spirit of things, I'll try to finish of the DC pics as quick as possible and this will be an interesting followup to JJ's last post.  I'll start with a pic and then we can go on, or in the spirit of the net you can scroll on.
The two pics above represent differing views of the exact same event.  One can make argument that the one on the left has far more information and is therefore more accurate.  However being at the event, I'll assure you the one on the right is far more representative of the feel of the room.  The question becomes which one is accurate and ultimately it comes down to the opinion of the viewer based on their knowledge of the artist.

This is a pic of Ijaz and myself swapping plinths.  When I look at this pic I feel the energy that was in the room.
This is another take on that event and I guess the question becomes which one is more accurate?  Luckily we are all allowed our own opinions so everybody wins.  Sure we have two extremes represented by imagery here, but does anyone beside me see a parallel to audio?

Enough on that and onto the last tidbit.  I promise that this is the last post about this adventure until I return.

My live music reference from the listening sessions was the sound this soldering iron made when it hit the brass pot it resided in.  Our reference cut had bells, gongs and assorted other organic sounds.  When I placed the iron in the pot I would inevitably hit the side which made a pure tone with a decay that told me what an event in the room sounds like and how I would like reproduced events to sound.


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