Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Wood.

A feelgood story from a friend about our future showed up in my inbox.  I understand why he hit the "send" button.

picture and text from the Sacbee



Saturday, February 23, 2013

From the plater Batman!

Things traveled at insane speed to bring these blingy beauties to me.  In case anyone here doesn't know it.... we don't encourage bling so a little bit of treatment was required for the next step.

The Batplane will be delivering them to Chicago on Monday and they will travel west from there by commercial airline flight (with the hopeful cavity search) to the batcave.

Stay tuned.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Creating Things.

We always seem to get roped into simple projects the turn out to be not so simple when you break them down to their most basic parts.  Take for example, what I spent a fair bit of time making for an EMIA design project for a fellow family member.

The good news is the mill and the lathe allowed me to "hack" out these parts and when they fit together they look like this.

As for their use... The final "part" is pictured below.  It is a slug of 9 pounds of copper 'spun right round like a record baby'.... (children of the 80's and people with kids will get this one)*

Nothing above is really pretty but at some point inbetween the beginning and the end of the process that spool of copper looks pretty cool.

*  Reference for the children of the 80's... click to the right because nothing of value is below.

My memories:

Not sure what version my kids are singing....

I could go on but I might possibly infringe on Christian's collection of "Fever"  and even though it could possibly happen, I would never mount such a quixotic battle.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Child Abuse / Happy Valentine's Day Eniac

It was Science Night at the elder workers state mandated daytime vacation and like any manipulative employer, I made him take his work to school.  (what better place to recruit child labor?)

(prehistory/props)  TJ on the GM70 list offered up some some swag that was cluttering his basement.  I'm going to pay it all forward and all credit goes to him which will start the soon to be seen TJ_files.

Back on topic.  When I brought this pile of junk home, much interest was taken in a Tube tester that had the gall to not posses a 9 pin tube socket and both workers wanted to learn how to use this antiquated device.

Being a somewhat sympathetic boss, I chose to indulge the elder worker and strongly suggested the  world of ancient technology is a dead end.  He demanded to move on.

Kids like it big and the GM-100 "lightbulb" (again from TJ) caught the most attention.

One thing I saw while performing my duty to ensure the elder worker could not escape to freedom was the interest of an odd gender I could not identify.

Official policy dictates that workers are not allowed emotion so happy birthday Eniac.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Slight pause at EMIA while our friends rebuild....


The good news for dave and I is that we have been flying through the EMIA chassis... but that is just light happy-hour gossip compared to the fire that swept through our friends at Par-Metal and Antek... they are the guys who build the heavy gauge steel chassis for EMIA... nobody was injured... and they already have new product on the transformer side; therefore showing great resolve to come back fighting... but no word just yet on when the big metal break and water-jet will be back up and running...

if you happen to live nearby, do what dave does - take them pork buns!

as I type, all phono stage chassis have been spoken for... there are a couple of strain gauge chassis still available... and one amplifier chassis... oh, and one autoformer box.... more dates when we have them.... they are super nice guys and hard workers... we will wait this one out for them...

Antek Inc.

To our customers:
Our offices and warehouse were damaged in a fire on Jan 23rd, 2013. we are currently working on rebuilding and our products will be restocked in one to two months. Please follow up our website for the updates.


what is 30cm?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

to the plating shop, Batman!


so where will they be seen next?

stay tuned for our next episode....


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

How to attach a driver to a wood horn...


hey kids... so you want to spin your own horn?  yes?  then just do not forget to leave the layer closest to the driver unglued!  screw it on (wider than driver, please - else you will not be able to mount it!)

tools required

bit detail

template alignment

guide holes

screw head clearance

only deep enough to clear the head

flip and screw diameter

attach driver


send pictures!


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