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Bespoke on the Inside.

sorry to bore with the old school jc style rant.  the trending word these days in marketing is bespoke.  it is really easy to google the origin of the word but it is far more interesting to look at the marketing wordplay that is starting to emerge so i present the concept of bespoke on the inside as a marketing double entendre for emia.

 somehow it fits.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What I didn't play at RMAF.

Hey... finally back in the normal groove after the show.  This is just a self serving post of room coverage both good and bad.  Of course the images sell so here are a few pics from one of the many songs I didn't get to play.



Part Time Audiophile

Positive Feedback

AV Showrooms
(Skip to 14:50 for the money shot)

PS Audio



Stereo Mojo

The Absolute Sound


My most memorable moment of music at the show was a group of "children of the 80's" singing a very out of tune version of an entire side of They Might Be Giants Lincoln played through a clapped out chevelle.   It made me young again... It made me happy.  It pissed mom and dad off in the adjoining room at 10PM and we were shushed.

I was almost a teenager again.


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