Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Music Maker - Stevie K with a 16a


so my friend steve... no, not that steve with a 16a from North Carolina... this Steve... lives in a quiet little town... nice sunsets... small farms... and he is that guy who hears the records calling his name from every Goodwill he drives past.. which was a great very many as he drove quite a bit for work... now he just feeds his cows and spins those records... so he bought a new music system for all of those records... yep, another Western Electric 16a in North Carolina... and GIP 555w drivers..... which are beyond amazing... 

and Steve is a super hardcore DIY'er.... DHT line stage... DHT amp with DHT driver... built it himself!  and it sounds great... just fabulous... and he built the "Bass Base" for the 16a... check it out!

proper way to clamp

expansion shown with bracing every eight inches - super important!

walnut ply looks good

*live* Muddy, Chester, Buddy, Sonny Boy!!


 how is that for documentation?

and packaging...

these things sound absolutely stunning.. and remember, I have originals... contact me if you want to hear some.. 

Hey Furby!  You look like a sheep!!


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