Thursday, February 20, 2020

For Sale: very early Altec Lansing 604 in "furniture cabinet"


as Lisa knows.. I have a problem... I just cannot pass up beautiful and well-built items from the past... I love them... listen to them.. learn from them... but Joe warned me about this... long ago warned me... "Jackson, do not accumulate these things that belong in museums. You will be beholden to them." .. and how often is Joe Roberts wrong?  well, do not ask Joyce that question... but I am now far off-topic...

this beauty used to sit at one end of our dining room... the 16a sat at the other.... and it was what we listened to during family dinner.. or if one of us was sitting at the old farm table working on a project... but it has not been used in several years.. and that just is not right... so it is time to move it to a new home.. 

I love so many of the details on this... the pillows!!  and that wrinkle paint... sets my heart aflutter... 

the original label that is on the rear of the cabinet

one "oops"... from loading it... the veneer flaked up.. could be fixed by any woodworker, if desired... it is small.. and I tend to let old things just be.. 

but pretty clean for 1947.. that is seventy-three years old!

and look at that... 16a making a sneak appearance in the background... 

more pillows!

and then the driver in all of its minty details

"voice".. holdover from "field" days?  I dunno... 

20 Ohms.. Hollywood, CA

model 604... not 604B... or later... 

the driver has never been removed.. and I am not about to crack those screws.. 

N-2000-B crossover... and shockingly little dust for a 73 year-old..

original wiring.. they twisted and taped the wiring..

paper accordion surround... yep, early.. 

original cone (duh)

and that patination on te screws.. clearly untouched in a long time.. 

I think I am going to slowly just put things up on the blog... I will try not to make it a used hifi store, but focus on things that are blog worthy in themselves... 

oh, yeah.. I used to drive this directly from the headphone output on my phone... yes, seriously.. 

available unless marked sold.. 

US$4k, but accepting offers.. pickup in Rhinebeck is preferred, but I will drive this baby to a good home if needed.. and build a proper crate for shipping if I must..


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