Friday, March 27, 2015

New Toy

I always found it frustrating to be working with an automated limit of ~90Kz from my 192 sound card since the good stuff, particularly with SUT's always seems to happens above 100kHz. 


I have seen the Velleman pcsgu250 with its claims of Bode plots to 1mHz for some time and asked about experiences on a number of forums with no response.  I finally sent $150 to newegg last year and procured one.  Flash forward several months and i took some time to rewrite my excel macro's to import the data and I must say I am quite happy with the results.  Sure it is no Audio Precision but it is a million times better than manually entering 100 sets of coordinates per trace on the test bench.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Name that SRA.

I'd call it close enough to 92 degrees but the sound wasn't the greatest.  It was sounding really good until things abruptly went bad and a quick visual inspection explained the problem.

Note to self... hot glue and field coils do not play well together.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hudson Valley hiking in March...

means hiking *on* the river...

as you know I moved to the Hudson Valley from Memphis before last winter... quite a weather shift... I heard from locals that last year was the coldest they could remember in decades.. "what winters used to be".. or "what winters are supposed to be"... it was cold... well, that was before this year came... we set a record in February - average temperature = 9 degrees Fahrenheit... not average low... average *temperature*.... whew... but you know what?  it is good for working.... and this past Friday when the sun came out, having long eclipsed forty hours in the shop, a few of us took off for a hike in the sun... it was wonderful...

we started off from the house.. hiked down Burget Creek... then onto the Hudson.. all the way down to Catskill Creek... and finally back to the Mill to finish up the day's work...

notice the crazy ice breaks.. the Hudson is tidal... and that makes for some really cool ice breaks...

obligatory HiFi Heroin photo:


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