Monday, May 27, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

for sale - Altec 604-8g, JBL LE85, Empire 208, Dyna FM3 and SCA-35...


no need to take these upstate... so who needs a near mint pair of Altec 604-8G coaxial speakers?  these have the alnico motors (yes, you want alnico... who cares about a dB or two at 20k if the midrange isn't yummy?)..  cones are perfect... diaphragms are perfect... even the gaskets are in great shape...

and they include a phase adjusted crossover... one I built with Clarity Caps...

on some famous guy's list of "must hear speakers of all-time"....


and my local DIY buddy Richie is also cleaning out... check out some of his goodies!

the LE85's are in great shape... but have Ti diaphragms... personally, I'd swap them out for Radian diaphragms and not look back... alnico/aluminum with a mylar surround is a winning combination...

one of the 12" coax's has a blown tweeter diaphragm... the other is perfect...

the FM3 is perfect... and the SCA-35 works as well... Richie said he would recap the integrated amp, but I am not sure he actually has a reason for that... I remember it working just fine... this is a perfect office or shop setup... small...

and an Empire 208...

email me: experiencemusic at hotmail dot com... I will forward email to Richie...

back to packing!


What exactly am I exporting?

I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get this list of options for an export.... enjoy!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

and so it begins....

the move from Memphis... from the South... from soul food and soul music... to upstate New York... around the corner from Woodstock... to what kind of food?  what kind of music?   I dunno... I am of course hoping that enough hippies stayed from the '69 music festival to now have some good local veggie cuisine and free-thinking improvisational bands.... but who knows?  (man, I hope it is not the land of folk music! - I'll fall asleep in my chair..)

anyway... the loading of my precious hifi parts started today.... it looks like I need to hire stronger movers... this kid struggles with a single 18-cell horn!

and I have a few more items to get loaded...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Eimac Guarantee...

I love classic valves built in the GE/RCA style as much as you guys do, but there is another level... nearly every tube we use and love has that silver getter inside... the brands are nearly limitless - RCA, Telefunken, GE, Western Electric, Valvo, Taylor, Sparton, Mullard, and on and on and on...     they are all great.. but *none* of them would make this claim:

they are flat out saying that you can overload the tubes!  other tubes would outgas, arc wildly, and then die.. (it is very entertaining to watch this, however!)... and the back lists these amazing specifications:

yeah... they rule... I have been running the same pair of 75tl's, sixteen hours a day, nearly every day, for nearly a decade now... total insanity.... and they were used when I got them!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Puzzle Part II

I hinted about this concept last July and John Chapman at Bent audio hit it out of the park.

I had some fun with the first one and thought the ability to A-B between two different settings would be cool so John stepped it up a notch.

It is a stereo unit with only 2 RCA Jacks.

This is just another prototype and for those of you who haven't figured it out, it is a remote controlled load resistor.  My initial use for it was to adjust the load a MC cartridge sees and it is a great educational tool!

Stay tuned.... we hope to have a finished unit and John will have boards available for OEM's to add this functionality to their devices.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LSAF 2013 preview a few dayz late.

The above image represents where we left room 207 a year ago as a continuation on a a very short standing joke.  The first thing I did a year later was to check.

Sand Check.

 Didn't remember this one of the other bed.

in my luggage

what I left.
 what i added


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