Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stippich and ElectronLuv are making a new scene...


I knew he had not lost the HiFi passion... I suspect he was bullied a bit by those metal grinders in the shop... he detoured into wearing out tires on supercharged and lowered pickup trucks... no denying that is seriously fun - and when in an urban environment..... ... ...

we have been talking quite a bit lately... sharing ideas... after all these years, we still share many, many goals... we see what we need to do... and we are both making giant strides at the moment..... check out what he is up to - new studio!!

and guess what?  he got his Kickstarter approved... but he cheated!  he used a decent video and even featured his kid!  (and the sweet and lovely Miss Ivy, of course)....

link HERE

go Josh!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Makers and a winner.

First things first.  Coolhand was lucky comment # 12 and while was lucky for him, I now have to post the books down under.  (if it is the coolhand that I think it is)  pop me a note with your address and I'll get tem off to you.)

Now onto John G. who wanted a pair of tapped chokes for his K-horn crossovers.  I wound him some 80% units and he added the euro terminal strips and cool block of wood.... nice over the top treatment.

The entire crossover one channel.

He even mirrored them.

As for the sound.... He ordered another pair to build another for his friend,

Nicly Done!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Charles Lloyd Quartet!!


man!  I know I have been slack about writing about my live music experiences, but I had to write about this one... if you are a 60's jazz fan, then likely you already know about this guy... he played with everyone.. Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins, man, just everyone... and he just celebrated his 75th birthday, but looks and plays like a youngster!  no slowing down for this guy... and yes, yet another native Memphian... is it in the water?

the style was very much early Coltrane Quartet... Eric Harland even has that Elvin Jones snap and dynamic exclamation... Jason Moran is the normal piano player, but after winning a MacArthur "genius grant", he had some commitments that made him miss this show... and as much as I would like to have seen him, I am actually floored by Gerald Clayton, who played in his stead... I will definitely seek him out...

oh, and Kirk Whalum sat in on some tunes... more Memphians...

check his website: for tour dates.. if you are a jazz fan, it is do not miss!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pumpkins in a strange land

 only mother nature can randomly carve this.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TJ giveaway....

TJ did the solid and I'm going to pass it on...  Up for grabs are 4 books that will entice the newbie to the dark side of education.

Same rules as the earlier giveaways...  (main rule being don't flop it on ebay)

A comment with an identity will enter you.  In a few days will pick a winner.

In order to spread the word, shipping anywhere in the world is on us.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celebrate the Makers! - Nick F...


I think it is time to start a new segment celebrating the makers out there.. DIY is first hand experience.. it is how the knowledge base grows.... how the art of HiFi grows... we are few, but we are passionate.. and music is not going anywhere, so build!  pass on your knowledge!  build systems to celebrate music.. and **dance**!!!

how sick was this landing in my inbox??  monster DIY effort... I *know* what it takes to make this...

dude!  that Eimac sound!  filament biased 3c24 stacked supply direct coupled to a 75tl... 45 line stage.. 872's glowing underneath... lots of big iron... some oil caps.. some film caps... variacs.. meters.. line filters... casters!  and lots of yummy dave iron... (I think I own most of the iron in this project - doh!)... 

and I know I own that granite machinist's plate and stand.. ask me what my turntable is sitting on.... and Edgar Titans (DIY version?)  with horn sub!  just awesome effort....  


Thursday, March 7, 2013

the latest "new" Hendrix album...

People, Hell and Angels....

ok.. there is a lot of criticism about what Experience Hendrix has been releasing... and I understand... this is not what Jimi himself (a perfectionist) would have released, but it is too easy to criticize and so difficult to create... and I am *very* grateful to hear these Hendrix studio and live practice sessions... he was a master improviser... the subtle flourishes that seem to just float and flow.. never showy, just what needed to be there... and who could work a wah-wah like he could?  I am so happy I bought this.. I mean, come on! .. there is content here of the beginning of Band of Gypsies!!.. worth $24 to my local record shop....

(for the fellow Hendrix fans - if Electric Ladyland does not do it for you, then move along)

oh, and check out the crowd on this photo.. not sure they quite get it.. or even know what to think... I know I would have been making a fool of myself - gyrating right along with him!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Silbatone at Munich High End 2013 - preview

I gotta hand it to them, they always put together shocking systems... year after year... and to even put *one* together in a year is a huge undertaking... (Manho, how are you holding up?)

so this year, it is Mirrophonic... you knew it was coming... this is the father of all the modern systems... two way with a break in the lower mids... 300 is teh classic break, it crept up to 800 for later small Altec stuff.... and I think even up to 1500 for some JBL.. but no talking about those toys when we need to be discussing real deal Mirrophonic!!

The picture below is from SIAS last weekend:

so last I heard from South Korea, this system had *dual* 594's on the 26 multi-cell.... and then dual 4181's on the W-bin that goes by several names depending on configuration... I think the single is TA-7401  (Theatre Apparatus = TA).. but the TA-7396 is also dual 4181's with wings above and beside the  woofers.... and then of course the GIP 9501 tweeter... that tweeter is utterly amazing... so beautiful... so clean.... it might be perfect....

total props to Silbatone... it is real work to do this... and they do it just to share and teach..


Saturday, March 2, 2013

a sweet permalloy pea wrapped in silver.

On the micro level here are a set of silver LCR inductors ready to be put in their pod to ship.

 Once in their pod they look like this.

 Now consider some may want pods with different flavors.

As much as I like peas filled with silver, most of the time permalloy peas are copper.

Now that the phono correction is taken care of for customers in three different parts of the world... lets add the attenuation pods in silver.

I broke the mold with the 6X box and regret it.   I had to go find an odd-pod friendly box.

46 silver peas and 20 copper peas ready to go into 3 bigger pods to ship.

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