Wednesday, August 22, 2012

EMIA Phono Specifications...

hello boys and girls... dave and I decided it is time to post some information about what is inside those petite minimalist boxes that have been showing up at HiFi events the last year or so.... the first batch is sold out and was very well received... that means it is time for the next batch.. which also means we need to tell you what is hiding underneath the hood...

 [the two boxes on the bottom are the phono stage - power supply and signal chassis]

basically, this is anything dave and I would build and endorse... heavy... tube rectified... choke input... single ended... direct coupled for high resolution... and what we feel is a very novel method of implementing the RIAA equalization... it removes the giant series resistor that is always a dynamics killer... and of course no feedback... the official blurb is:

The Emia phono is a tube based medium gain MM phono stage that uses a pentode input tube directly coupled to a triode output tube with shunt RIAA correction and zero feedback. This phono allows a wide range of tube types to be used without altering the RIAA characteristics. By simply rolling in these different tubes, the sonic signature of the preamplifier can be adjusted to taste. External plugs allow easy access to nearly infinite adjustment of loading for MM cartridges or external MC step up transformers.

EMIA Phono Specifications

MM RIAA phono corrector

two chassis construction for isolation of power supply

direct tube input directly coupled through shunt equalization
to a single triode output stage

[signal path is wire, tube, wire, tube, capacitor!]

tube rectified, choke input power supply
dual inductive filtering with permalloy [nickel] final filter stage

Supplied with 6J11 for V1, 5687 for V2

Alternate tubes:
V1 = 7788/e810F, 7721/D3a , 7722/E280F, 6688/E180F, 6J11, 6E6p
V2 = 1/2 5687, 6900, 7119/e182cc, 7044
V3, V4 = 6DA4/6DM4 rectification

gain, 42-48db depending on tube selection. 42dB with the 6J11 / 5687

input impedance = user defined
output impedance = 2000 ohms
max input voltage = 200mV RMS
max output voltage = 25V RMS

net weight = 38 pounds/ 17kg

110/220V operation standard


Available in either black (below) or mocha (above)....

contact Jeffrey or Dave and we will direct you to your distributor...




Saturday, August 18, 2012

shielded boxes.

Spent some time away from the winder yesterday applying the mumetal and copper to a stack of boxes that we use to house SUT's,  LCR's  and other things that need shielding.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

just an old chassis....


I picked up this old chassis... well, I think it is an old integrated amplifier... I haven't really looked under the hood at all... it was the style and construction that caught my eye... I think it is beautiful... the rounded corners... the "pedestal" it sits on...

the four knobs scream for a Slagle autoformer to be thrown in there... but I dunno... phono stage?  just clean it up with soap and water and set it on the shelf?  whatever... I just like it...


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Listening to the Yamaha JA6681B compression drivers...

ok... so I listened to these briefly a while back... but with dave posting pretty pictures and vry yapping about the leaf spring suspension, I knew that I had to get them back out...

what you see is my shop "quick and dirty" listening rig... I listened only in mono... which is better when you are moving around working anyway... Le Cleac'h 340 fiberglass horn... and I bi-amped... the 71A summer amp on top and bottom... source was a mac mini/external hard drives and digital from a Hi-Face to a Behringer 24/96 with the output taken straight from the DAC chip... this sounds pretty good... and allows for a very fast changing of crossover.... and EQ or delay if needed...

I hear why people like this driver... it really does nothing wrong... it does have a bit of what I call the "ceramic magnet sound".... and I think it would benefit from a stronger motor... for it to compete with the very best of the very best it needs a little color, resolution, and jump... but that is comparing it to the best in the game... not really fair....

the funny thing is that I first hooked up driver A... and the mids were ok, but the treble sounded sorta rolled off, but also sorta broken... then I get an email from New Mexico saying, "hey man.  I found that other phase plug in my tool chest."... so I opened the driver... yep.. no phase plug... too funny... so the above was written about driver B - *with* phase plug....


Saturday, August 11, 2012

What we Dew.

the best "non-bling"  picture of the brass 301 i have seen to date.

the good news of this all is for the moment, you crazy kids in the states can get some 160 azuras if you act properly.

Friday, August 10, 2012

a pair of my old horns popped up on eBay....

a pair of horns that I made for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a few years ago.. they are Le Cleac'h... I think 340 Hz flare rate.. a high T factor... probably in the 1.2 to 1.4 range... fiberglass with a few layers of damping on the back...

they sounded quite good... I liked them best when I was biamping... the 75tl on the horns and the 304tl on the 15" Altec woofers...

the seam that you see in one of the pictures is not a crack... it is actually where the back plate comes off to mount different drivers...

yeah, you gotta repaint them, but the price is certainly fair...

[link to auction at] 


Thursday, August 2, 2012


Pictures and commentary from another fun time in the land of walter.

Listening levels from about 20 feet.  None of that sissy 1M stuff.

Old things surrounded us.

There were also other oddities like this bottle of hooch... i mean medicine that Darin brought.

Now that is my kind of  pure food.

Then we get to the oddest thing of all.  Mike and J-rob have some competition for dancing with the stars... JB @ 107db+ is not for the typical audiophool...  needless to say we ate pure and had lots of medicine.

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