Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bunny Post. (audio guys move along... nothing to see here)

A few of you softies just love the bunny and this post might change all of that for you.  The origins of the shipping animals and children trace back to the bunny.  To this day I maintain he is evil and proof of that evil is elusive.  He loves eating packing peanuts and many a morn' I have awoken to him munching away in a box of packing peanuts only to scamper away before I could get the camera in hand.  On at least three occasions he has jumped on my scale and quickly evaded before I could grab the picture.  Tonight miraculously the picture was mine and I think he was sending me a message.

Trust me this picture wasn't staged (like the other animals) and it wasn't until I looked through them that I truly became scared by the evil that resides in the bunny.  I was able to get a number of pics and this one when he acknowledged my presence like the dramatic chipmunk is the most chilling of them all.  When I take random snaps of my kids with flash they always have the devil eyes, yet somehow this rodent of hell appears with soulless black eyes and the weight of the devil.

Upon making me he quickly exited stage left dropping 3 nicely placed brown M&M's on my scale leaving me with this image of how much his ass weighed.

We all know about a boy named sue and that happy ending but it might just be possible that a boy named Lemon Lu-Lu may not end up that way.

(end note... I was about to hit publish and looked and he is on the scale again reading the original 6.72... now I'm terrified)

another one....

still working.. a few new ideas..

one, how about 3-D? That could be really cool.. like the old cast logos on some antique radios...

and here is another that I like:

It also needs work, but I like it...


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goofing Off

I decided to take a break form the winder today and play with another item that has been on my plate and let me say I 'm sooo happy I have a lathe.  I was having problems mounting up a cartridge and needed to make a counterweight for my tonearm.

 As you can see this is not a replacement but an additional weight that was needed to mount up a rather unique cartridge that I finished up today and lets just say it has a bit more mass than the average cart. 


Granted it ain't pretty but it is playing music as I type and another concept has been "proven" Even though it is mounted on an arm chosen for a lightweight strain gauge cartridge the concept shows a lot of promise.  Special props go to barrett and the others that have given me the donor carts to play with.

Sorry for the blurry picture, the exposure was 5 seconds and the record had a bit of warp.

If anyone has a dead denon 103 cart, please consider sending it to me to further this project.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Logo Update #1...

Lots of email responses.. lots of favorites....

However, the consensus is that E and F are the most professional. They are in a font that looks very deco to me. As I told dave, I can easily see that font on the front of a Manhattan building.

I also want a logo that does get out of the way. I am not making my statement with the logo, but rather with the piece itself, preferably when the switch is thrown and the music plays.

If all things were perfect, it would have some long lasting symbolic meaning. That is why I like the cross. It is from a time well before the German army or even the Christians used it. It is from our earliest days. Used to label the stars, the seasons, and then morphing to relate to the early pagan gods.

So, I am still undecided. I did modify E, and it is attached below. I also had two email submissions that I have posted.

Thanks everyone. In another few days we'll see how it shakes out.


Big Nickel in da House!

The friendly neighborhood UPS man dropped this on my steps while I was out getting dog food this afternoon.  Inside each of those boxes is 25 pounds of big nickel lamination.  !/2 of it is 49% and the other half is 80%.  The 49% makes a wonderful full range 8W output transformer for say a 300B and the 80% will do a glorious full range 3W for say a 2A43, 45 or 50!

In order to keep my limited space under control I try to keep it so when something new comes in, something old needs to go out.  Since I have been craving this big nickle for about 5 years, some hard choices needed to be made.

100+ pounds by Large Flat Rate Box.

~70 pounds by padded envelope

I still needed another 80 pounds and realizing I  Also have another 30 pounds of small 80% on the way made my decision doubly tough.   Should I use the box or padded envelope approach?


Since I believe the USPS has pretty strict rules about shipping Jedi warriors, the padded evvelope approach wins... Now where did I but those contractor bags?

More Metal...


Props for all of this go to Jude, Patrick, Curtis, and Jeff... dudes, amazing work... thank you for understanding and respecting the art.. pouring the passion...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


As you might have noticed, I have never properly chosen a logo. I have always just side stepped the issue by using a classic script and saying that was close enough. Well, it is time, folks. I want to have some proper badges made. You know - brass, bronze, etc.. something riveted on...

But I am afraid. It is too personal. I feel like I am getting a tattoo - something that will be with me for life! I have looked at *way* too many the last few weeks and I honestly think I am just going to put it up to a vote (with presidential veto). Pick two.. or three... or come up with your own, I certainly don't mind... twist some of the ideas below into something better than what they are.. I am open.. and whoever comes up with the the winner will get something out of the stash.. tubes or iron or maybe just some vinyl (that is best anyway, right?)

Send it to me privately... but if you think it merits discussion, do for it...

experiencemusic a t hotmail d o t com

Thanks for the help!


Pipe Bomb

 This is essentially a proof of concept.  In order to complete it I bought a metal lathe and a sandblaster.  Luckily I already had the copper plating setup and know someone who is OK at winding transformers.  The end result is a pair of very well shielded 1:20 SUT's for an Ortophon A90.   Dimensions are 4" X 7"


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Subtle Cultural Differences...

In my near forty years I have only seen paper clips in one shape. I know, I know. I should get out more. When this triangular fellow came in a box of imported parts, I just sat trying to figure out which was the better design.

The verdict? I should have spent the few minutes doing something more productive.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Damn Squirrels.

Jeffrey and I always talk about the squirrels. Those pesky rodents create havoc and make yellodog bark.

The one thing I needed to do last saturday was copper plate a few parts and the minute the bath came up to the needed 27C the click of my power going out was a reality.

Luckily, the plating was not critical and more of a cosmetic thing so I grabbed a battery and after melting the first clip lead (50+ amps tends to do that) things worked out OK.

The funny thing (and title of the post) relates to the conversation I had with the power guy as I drove by. I asked "him how long?" and he said "Shouldn't be long, It was only one fuse and I found the squirrel."

As I drove away I had wo wonder if it was the kind of squirrel that shows up when you use a 437A or the kind that drives yellowdog nuts.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

From the Stash... England's LP2...


Hey kids... here's another one for you that is well off the map. This a small globe beauty from England. It is a directly heated triode, and fairly high transconductance for a DHT. Mu is neither high nor low, at about 15. However, you can easily load it with iron as the plate resistance stays below 5k at typical currents.

With those specifications, it is also like the Sparton 485 in that it does not have an obvious place in a typical audio chain. It needs a bit more gain to be a driver tube. It needs a bit lower plate resistance to be a line stage tube. But it sounds so good that it can often find a home in either of those places. I loved it as position two in a phono stage. At the moment it is happily sending signal from my vintage strain gauge to my volume control. DHT strain gauge is quite nice!

Unfortunately, it is one of those that you have to by more than a few to get a matched pair. I do not believe it was made in even moderate quantity as they only show every other month or so on eBay.

so, here are some photos:

(If anyone has any they want to barter, I am open.. else build with them!)


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