Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cavity Search

I'm not talking about dental procedures here!

It seems every time I fly, I end up with one of these nice reminders from the TSA that they have searched through my stuff.   This time upon arriving home I opened my bag and some of the contents in plain sight alarmed even me. 

pulling back a bit shows the whole picture of the contents.

The IED's tag was a joke at the display table and I have no idea how it found its way into my suitcase and if I would have seen it while packing up I would have tossed it.  I know Johhny wanted to go through security with me to film the events so maybe he hid the IED card with hopes of a million hit youtube video.

Luck was on my side and I made it home without issue and I want to leave you with a pic of the two revolutionaries that wore those badges all weekend.

  More RMAF coverage to come.



  1. Dave,

    It is interesting that you were able to catch these two apparently mid-disguise. My understanding is that the one on the right was last seen in a San Francisco Giants uniform as Brian Wilson; and, if I'm not mistaken, this was confirmed the night before at Garcia's as he was seen with a Chalupa in his mouth.

    Black Ops in deed.....

  2. hahhahahahhahah! i just love this...

  3. yeah, JC... that was for you... I knew you would love it.. the Gil S. Heron was for dave, but the Roland Kirk was for you... I figured they would catch me if I tried to get Charlie Mingus...

    I hope all is well...


  4. That Roland Kirk dude is super-radical! He went around telling manufacturers that their speakers suck when they actually sucked!

    OWS has nothing on good old Arthur.

  5. i am sick in bed with pneumonia. it makes me miss the states to see pix of arthur and think of him letting the little ones in on the truth... if any of you are in touch with him please pass along a hug.

  6. He told me he pissed off one major manufacturer by telling them their highly-touted speaker was awful.

    I said, Rahassan, they pull out a knife and you pull out a gun. End of battle.

    Otherwise, jc, you ain't missing much over here. Go dig up some fermented shark meat and herd a few reindeer.


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