Monday, December 5, 2011

Next time JJ needs a haircut.

We need to get together and have an intervention to get JJ a haircut.  The one caveat is it must happen here.

Hit the link and look at the rest of the pics and the paypal address for donations will be live soon.  It is the holiday season and please give freely.  I am working on the whole 503C thing so your gift to getting JJ's hair cut will be a nice tax deduction.

Of course I will have to supervise this trip so even more $$ is needed and after the haircuts... we will need to go somewhere to eat.  Our goal has always been to eat here and the irony of both is perfect so the time is now!

Props go to Sean for finding and sending me the link to Page-Boy and to new family member Casper for his passion.


  1. Dudes! If they spin a tune through those horns, I'll gladly contribute and get a haircut there myself. Though given the state of my pate, I'd probably have to get a Brazillian as well to make it to the end of the track (so to speak).

  2. Looks like the kind of place where the haircut will be more expensive than the ticket. Wonder if you can just hang out an listen like an old time barber shop?


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