Sunday, April 8, 2012

free stuff.

here is something donated that everybody will want to flip on ebay and others will covet.

chime in if you want the pin and it is yours.  If more than one gets it and can explain it, you are at the mercy of


  1. Is this something that one mind find from Ralph Records in the early 80's?

  2. Renaldo and the Loaf, cleverly reproduced backwards! Need more?


  3. Wow. I'm so glad someone knows Renaldo And The Loaf. I took my minty copy of olleh olleh rotcod to Jeffery's last week. Had to hear that mix of critical dance on his huge horns system. It sounded incredible....

    Ralf Records was great. Weirdest shit around. I just got the 10th Anniversary Radio Special LP.... KILLER.

    1. we have a winner. iain, please send your info to the proper address or pick it off my chest at the next secret double secret three shot meeting in dallas.

      contest closed.

  4. Superb! I'M A WINNER!!!

    Looks like I'm going to Dallas. See ya late Friday.


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