Saturday, May 26, 2012

25 sqft of pablo.

I was at a local flea market and to my shock I stumbled upon this.

The guy was out for a second so I left and came back at the end of the day to see what the damage would be.  Alas it was $1500 and I wasn't about to try to low ball him.  As I headed to the gate to leave,  I noticed a bunch of 18" X 18" Home Depot moving boxes inside were records.  I did a quick peek and saw that it was worth asking the cost.  To my shock the guy said, you like em, take 'em all.  There were 10 boxes which meant around 1500 records.   One box was show tunes, another X-mas so they went away.  I cherry picked through the rest and here are some of the highlights.

I hope 12" + 33rpm is why newer tech never caught on with me.

I guess the point is sometimes you need to dig to find things and know what to hide.

I ended up keeping about 200 of them and the common/abused stuff went to the transfer station and the rest to the thrift.  I still wish I came home with that lathe.


  1. What a find! Must be righteous living!


  2. You should send the Herb Albert and Tijuana Brass to Jeffrey ;)

    Wonderful score. Too bad he was high on the lathe. Looks like a fun piece.


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