Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We took a 50 amp to the LSAF with some 80% nickel outputs on it that will do a nice 2-3W full bandwidth, (amp is -1dB 22-54Khz).  When CV was over a week or so back he just had to hear what the 80% did.  At this point it was past midnight and he was bleary eyed but he encouraged the swap.  I had some 5K:8 bobbins so all we needed to do was stack'em up and clip 'em in.

Interestingly enough, the bobbins I had on hand were for a double stack of lams so we are talking 10 pounds of high nickel and copper.  In the picture above you can see them on top of the big amorphous OT's I was previously running.   I have really only heard amorphous shine when used as outputs on thoriated tubes and I have no use for it in low level situations.  Thoriated + amorphous, seems like the wrong blend of spices but it has proven to consistently work.  The few times I tried 49% on the thoriated tubes (49% is sublime with 3A3's 45's 50's etc) I always went back to the amorphous so I didn't have the highest of hopes for the 80% but shines insisted we push on.

I'll let him comment if he wants but I have to admit I was surprised.  The 80% let so much more music out of the groove in the form of a huge 3D image. We were both beat so we crashed and sprung up the next morning at the crack of 10am and gave it another comparison with the same results.

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