Monday, October 15, 2012

The Anti-Audiophile rack...


so what to do when you have a bunch of gear?  Do you really want to look at all of that mismatched stuff?  I don't.  I will be completely honest and say that I would much rather have it all in a closet than look at it - yes, even Eimac tubes... To me, it keeps the focus on music and away from gear.  Are there exceptions?  yeah.. of course!  most turntables... the REL Precendent.. and my Marantz Model Twenty makes me smile... but now I have wandered off task... so I googled "ultimate audiophile rack"... and this kind of gave me the shivers:

So what to do if you have no closets and want easy access but no staring at nerd gear?  Well, you scrounge until you get lucky..  and lucky is what I must be... check out the Art Deco cabinets from Simplex! 

yeah...  I will need to customize it a bit... so that the right components are easy to get to... and the noisy and hot items are down below... but I can handle having this baby in my listening room... maybe some strategically placed mercury tubes behind those openings?  or Tungar field coil supplies?  or just a power switch and a classic jewel bulb as an indicator?

so I do have a couple.. one is spoken for... drop me a line if you are interested... I will post a follow-up when completed...


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