Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthday Season.

at least that is what he calls it... so we show up... goof off... and hope we get something accomplished as a bonus.... and until Jersey Rick puts some real words down, here are the pictures I managed to snap... still need the YL installation photos... but considering that I arrived late and limping, not too bad... life is good...

 Appalachia in the Fall

 Hoodie Brigade (aka Dixie Iron and Valve)

 Dan's place

 man barn

 a tree man's tools

 you have no idea... thanks, man!

 first LP at Lenwood's since he started drinking again

 had to harvest before the freeze

 best gatefold ever

 I wanna go fishin' with that guy!

 prolly has some Latin name - ask me about tubes!


 amazingly, we had music every night, despite the major changes..

 art don't talk, it just sits there and messes with your mind...

 yeah, a lot of this.. it healed me!

 offering to the altar of Darryl - my childhood idol

 the PT Barnum amp - eats tubes...

 and this kept me moving while the soup kicked in

 five inch tonearm

 12 Bones - best veggie plate in memory!

 thanks robert and deb!

 D7.. cranked to 11...

 first new sponge in *years*... gross...


 stuffed... bi-amplification in a Red State

 globe fiddies coddle the....

 very bad influence:

 baby girl's painting

 as it stands now..

 as the stand stands now


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