Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Omahaul Part IV - Western Electric 24A horn


Are you beginning to see why I call it Omahaul yet?  All of this came out of a theatre in Omaha, Nebraska that they tore down in the 80's.  I got all of this gear from the guy who carted it all out himself.  When he told me this story, I was of course enthralled.  Long into the conversation, he got kinda quiet.... started looking at his feet.. I knew the *ouch* was coming... so he says, "and there were some woofers... but they were so heavy that I got tired of moving them around... so I got rid of them a few years back...".. and by "got rid of them" I could tell from his delivery that he gave them away.... I am picturing some car stereo kid trying to get those 18" drivers into his hatchback... and with no field coil hooked up, he got no sound.. and probably just put them on the curb for trash pickup... and so it goes.... ... ....

but I got this horn.. along with the longer 19-C receiver for 555's.... and it sounds fabulous.. just super fabulous... you would think the sheet metal would ring too much.. but it doesn't... sure, I am in a relatively small room, and that does help keep power input and therefore the power down, but it really sounds very free and open... a great horn.. I am privileged to get to listen to it on a regular basis... feel free to drop in and share some album sides...


I did take some indoor measurements... not perfect, but good.. if I ever take it down I will measure outdoors and post... and I did run some numbers on the flare... it is in the 200Hz range... the mouth flares quite fast at the mouth.. more like a tractrix... I suspect that has something to do with the big sound... and a 597 tweeter just blends perfectly... not that you would expect anything less from Wente and Thuras...



  1. Oh god... WE 18's on the curb..... Well at least he was there to rescue what he did.

    Listening to this combo at your place was my first time to hear a WE horn and 555 driver. It was a real treat. In fact I had to ask to turn off the 24 and 555 for a bit so I could tell what was missing when I should have asked to just hear the 24/555. Now I need to hear even more WE gear. Thanks for opening my ears.

  2. one of these days, bud, you will have to come to seoul. it's some kind of fate.

    merry christmas

  3. I could get lost in Seoul so easily and in a good way.


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