Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Eimac Guarantee...

I love classic valves built in the GE/RCA style as much as you guys do, but there is another level... nearly every tube we use and love has that silver getter inside... the brands are nearly limitless - RCA, Telefunken, GE, Western Electric, Valvo, Taylor, Sparton, Mullard, and on and on and on...     they are all great.. but *none* of them would make this claim:

they are flat out saying that you can overload the tubes!  other tubes would outgas, arc wildly, and then die.. (it is very entertaining to watch this, however!)... and the back lists these amazing specifications:

yeah... they rule... I have been running the same pair of 75tl's, sixteen hours a day, nearly every day, for nearly a decade now... total insanity.... and they were used when I got them!



  1. I wonder if that guarantee still stands? :))
    I fell in love with EIMAC tubes the first
    time I saw one.

  2. It almost reads like a taunt.

  3. Given the materials used, it was easy for them to make that claim. self-gettering plates and grids... gas is never going to be an issue. Even today on 50+yr old NOS tubes. Gotta love Eimac.

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  5. I think the only thing that will destroy them is overvolting the filament. I have been playing with the little ones (15e, 3C24 and 35t) as well as a few 100TH. They are all amazing. They put receiving tubes to shame.

    (Still, Your are being very mean to that poor 304TL.)


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