Friday, September 13, 2013

RCA LC-1A LS-11's at RMAF

Hey all.  We will be splitting a room with Saskia II creator Win Tinnon and for a quick preview... the 200+ pound slate Saska II idler will be spinning with a Schröder arm (LT and Reference).  Cartridges will be a Kansui, Premium Be and a Panasonic Strain Gauge.  Electronics will be EMIA (Silver SUT's and autoformers) with the Permalloy 50 amps feeding these.

Tel-Wire will be hooking it all together.   We are vinyl only so bring some of your favorites and stop by to say Hi!


  1. Hi! I really want to hear this setup.

  2. I'm gonna come steal your transformers while my partner in crime distracts you. :-P

  3. @ Piotr:
    not if i get there first!

  4. Now you know why I reference them to B+ rather than ground.

  5. I find that everything is over priced. Thank goodness there's no tax and gas is cheap. Yeeee Haw! calculator RCA 2013


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