Monday, November 11, 2013

Bespoke on the Inside.

sorry to bore with the old school jc style rant.  the trending word these days in marketing is bespoke.  it is really easy to google the origin of the word but it is far more interesting to look at the marketing wordplay that is starting to emerge so i present the concept of bespoke on the inside as a marketing double entendre for emia.

 somehow it fits.


  1. Does this mean we now have to be measured for equipment we order? If so how many fittings? True bespoke is usually three or more. :)

  2. bespoke: marketeering speak by douches for "custom".

  3. To my mind, custom implies "hey you can pick the knobs or even the colour" whereas bespoke is truly tailor-made for your demands. And I hate marketing douches as much as anyone...


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