Thursday, September 14, 2017

I See Dead Cartridges

A friend dropped over a baggie of dead cartridges and I have been slowly bringing them back to life.  The first was a DV-20 that simply needed a cleaning and a new cantilever.

After that came the Allaerts which needed a fair bit more work in addition to a new cantilever.

Both are sounding good and next I tore into the Field Coil cartridge that met an untimely death last spring.  This one needed a new suspension, the coils rewound and new stylus assembly.

it is definitely a face that only a mother could love but it sure makes music!  Here it is pictured with a 103R getting a new suspension just prior to the aluminum cantilever being amputated and a Boron cantilevered Microridge diamond being put in its place.

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