Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ETF Preview - I rebuilt the breadboard...


I mean, of course I did.... when the brilliant, kind, 
and open group that runs ETF asks you to bring an 
amp for the main room again, how can you say no?  
you can't... 

now back to soldering... getting excited... picking out 
rhythm and blues records, because you know Joe won't 
bring records... but hopefully he will bring the Dell 
Soundbar for listening back at the room... 

now to figure out how to fit this into a suitcase and get
through security...



  1. Replies
    1. oh, Jim... I posted plenty of information in that photo to figure it out... especially you! I'll even throw two more hints: 1. it is American, and 2. it is a true triode..

      so... there were not many American thoriated tube manufacturers... and I suspect you have catalogs from each... but it is the *only* tube with this envelope shape and the only tantalum plate I have ever seen this shape... which is why I said you had all the info you needed from the photo... :^)

    2. Jim,

      I think the amp has 2 x 45's and 2 x 717A's, with a 5U4G rectifier tube.

  2. Ditto on Jim's question - & more details of circuit please !


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