Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Doc Hoyer

Audio lost another of its treasures last week when Dennis R. Hoyer passed away in Milwaukee.  If you had a vintage transformer that needed help, Doc was the person to call.  On a recent trip to Milwaukee where I grew up I had the chance to visit his lab as 60+ years of his work was being dismantled.  As I was admiring his winder his cousin Damian put his license plate from 1980 in my hand and suddenly I got all choked up and truly knew who Dennis was.  

His files are a Who's Who of tube audio history

His winder was CNC controlled and built by him

I can't imagine driving around Milwaukee as a teenager seeing that bright yellow TESLA on the back of a Ford station wagon and not realizing I was behind someone truly ahead of his time.


  1. That was awesome! What a great tribute and memory to those who knew and appreciated his brilliance. "Tesla" lives on.

    Thank you so very much,
    Damian and Kathy

  2. i live in the philippines and am rebuilding a sx-62 hallicrafters. on one of the large knobs its engraved dennis r. hoyer.on the 6v6 amp tubes they are etched D.H. '62.i bought the radio on ebay in october. i wonder if its the same guy? john


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