Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Garrard 301

 I know the inerwebs are filled pictures of beautiful Garrard 301's and by that standard this one is a bit pedestrian.

If you take a step back and see that it is partnered with a vacuum tube based phono stage and amplifier things get a bit more interesting

another 20 steps back reveal that this is then paired with a pair of Tannoy Westminsters in a Japanese restaurant in NYC and suddenly that first picture isn't so pedestrian any more.

Makes me really want to exit my bubble and be one of the lucky folks who gets a table during the 25% seating capacity phase of the pandemic.


  1. I think all that pedestrian gear whould sound good at my place. I would like all the records on those pedestrian shelves too.

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  3. Next time I head to the NY we gotta do this... Dinner on me....

    One source one stereo PPEL34? Simple but nice..

    I love it when stock Garrards have been minimally restored. There is alot out there that is hardly recognizable.


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