Sunday, June 20, 2021

blink blink blink

 I mentioned the Feral Eye a number of years ago and the fate it met from Hurricane Sandy.  It  was brought back to life by steve berger as a PP 10 amp with a 49% nickel phase splitter and last night I got to hear it with a quad of mesh 10's from 1929.  
I'll be he first to admit that historically  I have not been a fan of either push pull or 10's and these days my daily drives are PP 300B's direct feeding stacked quad 57's and last night has me considering revisiting the 10.
The days events were to listen to cartridge variations and the mesh came in at the end of the evening as a treat for a hard days work.


  1. Yeah, and......?

  2. Your nickel? This was always a nice design, cathode feedback etc etc though I recall Herb mentioning (in the same breath as it were) that his best ever amp was a 10 transformer coupled to P-P 10s? Was that another Steve Berger build?

  3. Like I say you guys have all the fun 8-)

    PP is the end nigh?

  4. Would Steve share the schematic? Looks like its got a 9-pin input/driver front end now. A 5687 variant?


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