Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Because Dave is too humble...

to even tell me this review is out there!!

it just landed in my inbox... Enjoy the Music... a glowing review of his autoformer volume controls...

Olsher's quote:
"The sonic benefits of the Slagle AVC accrue from the elimination of an unnecessary electronic gain stage and replacement of resistive attenuation from the signal path. Bottom line: a superb volume control and the best $350 investment in audio! "

yeah... that is how I feel about them....



  1. I've had mine for several years and I have not found anything that comes close.


  2. I like the story about Dave using a pair of variacs for volume controls....that's some classic old school Slagle there, from back in the day when everything he built was on a sheet of plywood with wheels.

    In our experience, the Slagleformer smokes just about everything else out there. Probably one of the biggest leaps forward one can take in the line chain.


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