Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am working on my Juju..

I am working on my Juju.... or perhaps more properly titled "Robert Johnson's Deal with the Devil"...

It all started innocently enough.. a simple link to this new set

but it began to come on like the locusts... twenty emails in three days... all about Robert Johnson... maybe I should say it came on like the floods... yep... definitely.. it came on like the floods...

Everything in this picture from the first row of trees up should be land. Seriously. We drove the bridge today. The water goes for miles and miles and miles into Arkansas.

I *know* why. I am not sure anyone else has noticed this, but this is clearly a direct result of Robert Johnson and his deal with the devil. Do not accuse me of being gullible. I know what I am talking about. I used to ride my bicycle up and down Highway 61 on a daily basis.. and not just anywhere... right smack dab in between the two intersections that are believed to be the crossroads where the man sold his soul to the devil. Do you know what year the Mississippi River set the record? 1937. Do you know what year Robert Johnson recorded the vast majority of his records? yep. 1937. He only recorded for less than a year - he was dead by summer '38. Do you think it is a coincidence that we are going to inch right up to that record, maybe breaking it, maybe not, in the very week of his 100th birthday? Not me... that is the devil at work... the ongoing deal of his pact...

Today is the 100th birthday of Robert Johnson.. I am scared... ... you know I am working on my Juju... and my Juju comes tonight... Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at the Hi Tone... if that ain't Juju, nothing is... I will be with the devil and I will be spared...

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at YouTube

and another thing... I will not be around in May of 2037!


p.s.... a few more pictures and thoughts... we were extremely lucky... we live in the 100 year flood plain... after the storms last weekend, my shop flooded.. just an inch or two... and my yard was saturated and had that same inch or two... but the house was spared.. it was flash flooding.. however, had it been only a few days later it would have coincided with the Mississippi peaking and it would have certainly been a foot or two into my house and many, many, many more homes... my house is just out of view of this shot to the top right... there should be NO water in this picture.. this is a high school and a hospital complex...

to give you an idea of high high it was locally, this is JP on a bridge in the neighborhood park.. yes, bridge.. so the water was supposed to be below this... clearly it was not...

and lastly.. this shot taken yesterday... God's apology for passing on Robert Johnson's record deal...


  1. That Robert Johnson box set is incredible. I wants the precious.

  2. Jeffrey,

    Hope the juju is rolling. I'll stick a pin in the voodoo doll for you. Have a picture from '73 when the flooding left our town an island. 10 feet of water all around. Three days the only way in or out was a boat. Great when you are 10 not so good when water is lapping at your steps :0


  3. Hurry up...listen to this and you'll be OK.


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