Saturday, November 16, 2019

ETF 2019 - Saturday?

thank you again, Belleme... I am very grateful... 


stopped in to see JC and Bae.... such fun they are having... IKEA boxes... Manger drivers... fits in the overhead bin!

Bae swapping bteween Bendix 6900 and Western Electric perforated plate 310a...  this is a FET amplifier that truly tracks the triode tube being used.... kinda like an optical sensor.... the change was astounding... colossal.... on Aretha, I am quite certain you can guess which I preferred... 

thank you, brother Walter.. this was a revelation for me... so good.... 

and then the last notes played... ETF always ends... ..... ..... ..... sigh...



  1. I've always been curious about the Manger since it came out years ago. Never had the opportunity to hear them however..

  2. super interesting driver... bending wave... very clean and clear.. Chung made an interesting back loaded horn for it a few years back that really did some fun things... beware, power handling is low... but I think it is a driver worth studying... maybe make one with a larger magnet and put it in a CD horn?

    1. I recall seeing pictures of them used in a BL horn configuration some years ago. Had a funky chrome lens over the front of the driver.. Yeah, these really inspire the imagination.. A CD configuration would certainly be a cool experiment and the neodymium array looks easy enough to enhance. I have a pair of Technics SB-R100 which are somewhat similar in design. Of course the surrounds are shot. The honeycomb tweeter and cup easily remove. The VC is a good 4-5” in diameter, so a bit larger than the Manger VC. I’ve mused about modifying these into a Manger-esque driver, even a pair of BADs (big ass diaphragms) crossed my mind... Would be kind of a fun hack at no great loss if it’s a total failure.. Just one of those things that make you go Hmmm…


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