Friday, November 15, 2019

Thursday? at ETF 2019

yep.... pretty similar.... now S6 driving 50...and more and new cartridges... and some new albums in the rotation... 

and of course as soon as they would have us we visited the Norwegians... pure genius.. I expected nothing less... 

acoustic lens from salvaged halogen lamps... I totally feel Torbjorn on this... he just couldn't bear to throw them away... so he kept them... and then this project "found him"...

a wall of inexpensive RCA console drivers... but a lot of them... the bass was quick and clean, but yet warm... I loved it....

and Dunker's new amp... just finished soldering it before getting in the car.... of course.. that is ETF tradition.. 


(on dave's computer)


  1. I love Dunkers case..... PuRE SeX

  2. Thanks - these are originally old "Eldon" wall mounted electrical switchboxes. The 4683 (AD1) output tube sits where there was originally a big switch. I wanted a taller chassis so that everything but the tubes would go inside, as the pair of amps would go into a suitcase. The whole Norwegian system was transported as air luggage and everything worked beautifully.

  3. In Jeffrey's shot the output tube obscures the input pentode, an EF37A. On Torbjoern's suggestion the tiny Lundahl LL2766/50mA was used on the output. Worked amazingly well.


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