Saturday, August 21, 2010

Looking for bargains in all the wrong places.

What I needed was pretty simple, a 2" X 4" piece of 1/8" aluminum to mount a choke to. Since I didn't have any stock on hand and the need was now, I contemplated a trip to the local hardware to overpay for a piece. The above picture is the finished piece and you may wonder why the brushing. Artistic attempt? Better bond for JBweld?? Nah, it was the quickest way to remove the numbers.

Jeffrey mentioned to me some time ago how for him, buying a 4' aluminum ruler was cheaper than buying a 4' piece of the same size bar stock. A few months ago when I needed some of the similar stock, indeed a 4' ruler was $9.99 and the plain stock was $11.99. since I only needed 24" I opted for the ruler and ended up saving $2 and had a 24" ruler as a bonus.

Rather than jumping in the family truckster and heading out, I decided a 20" ruler would still be almost as useful as a 24". I'm sure at some point in the not to near future, I'll have a 2" ruler so next time a see another 48" one at a good price I should snag a few.

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